Using a home address for your business in Ireland can be a convenient and cost-effective option but it is not always the best option and does have some drawbacks as follows. 


One of the main concerns is privacy. Using a home address can expose your personal information to the public and may not be ideal if you wish to keep your personal and business life separate. If you choose to use your home address, you need to be open to receiving unexpected visitors and cold callers, from CRO representatives to prospective suppliers. 


A home address doesn’t present a professional image to clients or customers. If your business address is obviously a residential address, some potential clients may be deterred and feel that you lack professionalism. A home business address often comes with less credibility and authority than one that is in a respected business area. 

Fortunately, there are alternatives to using a home address for your business. Before we outline these address options, here’s a summary of the requirements for a registered office address under Irish law. 

Registered office address requirements in Ireland

Every company incorporated in Ireland must have a registered office address within the country. This address will be used by the CRO and other relevant authorities for communication purposes. The registered office must be a physical location, and cannot be a PO box.

The company must provide the CRO with the registered office address when it registers with the agency, and must also update the address with the CRO if it changes. The address must be in a location where legal documents can be delivered and where the company’s statutory registers and books are kept.

Additionally, the registered office address must be displayed on the company’s website and on any business letters, invoices, and other official correspondence. This is to ensure that the company’s customers and suppliers know the registered office address and can communicate with the company if necessary.

It’s important to note that failure to comply with the requirements for a registered office address in Ireland can result in penalties and legal action. 

Alternatives to using a home address

There are several alternatives to using a home address as follows: 

Use somebody else’s address

With their permission, you can use the address of somebody else. For example, it is quite commonplace to use the address of the person or business that manages your corporation tax. However, this opens them up to the same drawbacks mentioned above with regard to privacy. 

Rent office space

Renting an office will provide you with a workplace and a suitable address to use as a registered address. This is a viable option for larger companies that need physical space for multiple employees, but it is an expensive option for smaller businesses and individuals. 

Virtual offices

You can rent a virtual office, which is a physical address that you can use as your business address. Virtual offices, such as Workhub Virtual Offices are located in areas that are known business areas so will provide a professional image without the high cost of renting an actual office space. Virtual offices often include additional services such as mail forwarding, call handling, hot desk options, virtual reception services and rentable meeting room facilities. 

Ultimately, the best option for your business will depend on your specific needs, preferences and budget.  Contact the Workhub team if you need physical office space in a prestigious Dublin area or check out Workhub’s comprehensive range of Virtual Office Plans

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